It’s been quite a time now… Heja, 18 years since, I am here, in thing magical Klaipedaian place, with wonderful people at times that are hard.

Sharing my story has still been able to cause tons of emotions and bring me to the humble state. And this is amazing. Personal should be personal, it should be able to wake up those parts of myself that are womanly, weak, and real.

This, now, this is sweet. Being a bit cold, in warm green socks and dark blue scarf, with honey tea and a bit dazzled mind.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Norway. Quite cool, huh? 

Bird On The Buffalo”


i will always be there, D


broken brights

Another morning after all this, and it still feels crazy. So crazy.

It is so insane, not to be able to call you and say hello, ask about how’s your day been or what’s on your mind. What wonders have reached you yesterday and what are the plans for the new days. Not being able to share with you all those little prizes that continue to come without knocking, bumping at me. Not to have you to look over me, at least not as you used to.

And having those dreams, seeing you in those places. Weird places. Weird times.

And still, “not letting go” but accepting seems to be one of the hardest jobs. I love you. And I miss you. So much.

Could only hope you are in a great place, my dear. That your soul has found peace and calmness, and that no regrets are left. Cause mine are gone.

Be good.



Klaipeda, Agnus Stone, G.

To live on an island for some time, detached from anything that happens on the “big land”. Explore this.

high time to start

Good morning, day or evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to my life.
As little as a year, even four months ago, exactly when I was leaving this spot, I would have never guessed that so much can happen to one soul in a course of a hundred days. And I certainly did not though that this soul would be mine.
What is this? Why now? Another endeavor to do something I am rather bad at - keep promises to myself. What I definitely observe now is the desperate call of my inner being for a structure and renovations. At the same time, stability and clarity, all of those divine boons that surely are not present at a time - and reconstructing them is a hell lots of work. But I am getting there. With this one, as well.
Language choice? Well, it could not be more random. Nothing touchy-feely, though drama usage is always personal. Let’s play and see what happens.
All the noises and whispers - wow. Being back to the college life seems a bit surreal. Being there with the people that, generally, should make up my life and still - not being there fully, that is not what I want from this. Not what I can get.
I am in a good place. Great people. Perfect time. Inner emotional balance still requires a lot of practical work, future plans need to be figured out, but no runaways. We are only starting, and let us start on a high note. Taking as much as you can, growing within and throughout, and, most importantly, enjoying all this - that is what is worth caring for. We will certainly see what happens next, but for now this is good.
— Klaipeda, night, Ólafur Arnalds